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[Character Name] Vincent Nightray
[Canon] Pandora Hearts
[Point Taken from Canon] Chapter 63

[Age] 23-ish, supposedly. He was in the Abyss for a really long time, but time passes differently there, so he didn't age.
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Whatever benefits him best at the time, though he prefers females.

[Eye Color] One red, one gold.
[Hair Color] Blond.
[Height] 177 cm / about 5'10"
[Other] Sometimes flamboyant in gestures and such, no other major physical features.
[Clothing] The suit from Chapter 63 Photobucket

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[Video] Time to Lie

[He's settled himself quite carefully, a pretty picture with his flowing blond hair, easy smile, and ruffled sleeve fluttering a little as he sets the Dreamberry on a desk, leaving it propped and pointed at himself.]

Hello everyone!

[Oh, the cheerfulness of his tone.]

I'm afraid that my dear Miss Ada has beaten me to an announcement, but I wanted to thank those of you who are being supportive of her about our engagement. In our own world, you see, we are part of two rival houses, so I'm afraid...

[He gives a soft laugh, leans his chin on his hand a little.]

That not everyone will be so supportive of us. Because of this, I want to thank each and every one of you who sticks with us through this time, and reassure everyone that while our wedding will be some time off - these things are expensive you know! - that we'll be doing our best to make the situation work for everyone... and that we hope everyone will eventually see and understand the love that our relationship is built on!
of course I'm sincere~

[Dream 2 - What is Past, What is Now]

((Dream Effects: Non-Interactive. Optional exhaustion, hunger, and feeling of helplessness.))

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[He doesn't move from the bed. The only sign that the man is awake at all is the opening of a red eye, the shift of hair as he blows it out of his face, and the finger that brushes against the Dreamberry.

He won't speak. There's no need to say anything, and he's too tired anyway. His cheeks are flushed with fever just as much as the children in the dream, after all.]

[Video #2]

[The man is well dressed, in a dark suit, ruffled white shirt showing beneath the jacket. He looks quite put together, though his long blond hair falls free, around his shoulders. In fact, it falls forward into his face a little as he moves, covering one eye, the remaining one a startling gold.

He looks as if he isn't paying attention to the Dreamberry at all, at first, as he walks around a room, taking bright shiny sharp scissors to every piece of fabric he can find, from curtains to cushions to clothing that he has dragged out of the closet.

Then he pans the room, to give the full effect, and stops the camera on the face of the young woman lying asleep in the bed - her clothing intact though her pillows and blankets are a little worse for wear - one Vanessa Nightray.]

So, shall we begin taking bets on my lifespan when she awakens?
Thinky thinky

[Video #1]

[The video starts with the man not quite looking at the screen, as if he's pushed the button to begin recording a second too early, before he's really ready. Long blond hair hangs in the way for a second, before he pushes it back, blinks at the screen.

He's holding the Dreamberry a little at an angle, awkwardly, and all that can be seen around him is water. In fact, that hair hanging in the way is dripping wet, and there's now a slight smear on the screen from droplets.

He wipes it away, his fingers large and blurred across the screen for a second, before he finally opens his mouth to speak.]

If anyone could tell my why I woke up in the middle of a strange fountain with this thing on me, I would appreciate it.

[He pauses for a second, and then smiles politely.]

Very much.

[His hair is blown out of his face, the damp strands shifting enough to reveal a red eye, previously hidden.]
of course I'm sincere~

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[Character name] Vincent Nightray
[Age] Around 23, assuming that being dragging into another dimension and spat out again nearly a century later doesn’t count.
[Canon] Pandora Hearts
[Point in time taken from canon] manga chapter 63, while accompanying Leo to meet with Oz.

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